About us

Andrea Betts HypnotherapistAndrea Betts
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist
Tel: 07594 948706
Email: andrea@mindcyclehypnotherapy.com

I am a Registered Nurse with nearly 30 years experience and a Solution Focused Clinical Hypnotherapist. I have raised my children and helped them navigate their way to adulthood using the basic “learn on the job” and “ask your Mum/ sister” techniques.  Both personally and professionally I have become increasingly aware of how many people of all ages are struggling to cope in our often overwhelming modern world. This led me to complete my Diploma in Solution focused Hypnotherapy with the CPHT team, which appealed to me because it is well researched and based on Neuroscience. I have been faced with trying to help patients, colleagues, friends and family at various times with a variety of mental health concerns. Now, using Hypnotherapy, I have a “ToolKit” of the knowledge and skills I need to help others to break their cycle of negative behaviours and take back control of their life.

I work with adult clients who need support with Stress, Anger Management, Weight loss, phobias, trauma, OCD,  Stopping smoking, alcohol dependency and I specialise in anxiety, depression. This list is not exclusive so please contact me if you have any queries.

Edjia Ozola hypnotherapistEgija Ozola
Solution Focused Hypnotherapist
Tel: 07496 666121
Email: egija@mindcyclehypnotherapy.com

A very strong interest about how our brain works has been following me my whole life. I have studied Psychology and worked with preschool children during my studies. I have worked in social care with physically disabled patients as well as with mentally disabled patients.

Hypnotherapy has many therapeutical approaches and one of them is Solution Focused. I gained my diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (DSFH) with CPHT Kent. In this therapy my clients are working towards the best possible scenario for their future in each session and in each session the most best desired scenario is stored in their subconscious mind. It sounds like magic, does it? It is no magic, but pure Neuroscience and it gives amazing results! I do receive positive reports back after first session and I guarantee a success only in 8 sessions for my clients.

I can help with depression, anxiety, sleep issues, stress, phobias, smoking and many more mental disorders.